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Jane Cummins (b.1984) is an Irish Photographer based in Dublin. Her practice mainly involves self-portraiture and landscape focusing on self-exploration, identity and touching on issues such as millennial’s living in the parental home and the effects of this on ones selfhood.

2013 BA first class Hons Degree Photography

2017 MFA Photography, Ulster University, Belfast


2012 'Inland’, PhotoIreland, Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin.


2016 ‘Idiolect’ Belfast Exspoded, Belfast
2016 ‘Halftone’ The Library Project, Dublin
2013 ‘Made Visable’ Moxy Studios, Dublin
2013 ‘Made Visable’ IADT, Dublin
2012 ‘Just in Time fr the Apocalypes’, Moxy Studios, Dublin
2012 'Inland’ PhotoIreland, Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin
2012 'This offset Place’, Little Green Street Gallery, Dublin
2011 Group show, Twisted Pepper, Dublin
2011 'Open to the Public’, The Joinery, Dublin


2012 Cheers Magazine, De Loup A/W, fashion editorial.
2012 Two Magazine, DeLoup S/S, fashion editorial.


Below are brief descriptions about my projects and what led me to begin them.

half sick of shadows

This series is a representation of my overwhelmingly claustrophobic feelings towards living in the family home as a thirty something and the oppression and its effects on the search for ones identity in the world. With a staggering number of people in they’re thirty’s forced with the same situation, the feeling of inadequacy fails to relent. This work tries to convey the emotional, economic and philological ties to the subject matter.

The revelation of identity through repeated views on the body evokes an idea that human knowledge and experience is built-up over a period of time in the search for self hood. The self is always present but impossible to pin down, so through the process of creating and viewing these depictions of myself they work as a remedy to my frustrations but also they enable me negotiate an identity for myself. Sexual fulfillment is also linked with the issue of needing ones personal space. The body is frustrated and searching for an outlet. This is where the landscape images come into play. Symbolizing not only the female body but also emancipation and power.

I am not made of stone or iron

Part of a work in progress depicting my own self identity, which is captured by a variety of familiar surrounding landscapes, all of which enable me to connect with memories past and present. The self-portraits represent different aspects have discovered about myself along the way, along with strength, which grows throughout the project. These images serve as part of the make up of my own personal identity.

One cannot begin too soon

This work is part of an ongoing study of the self. Using landscapes and self-portraits to reveal my journey to the viewer. The landscapes are an accumulation of my close surroundings, each containing different fragments of my existence. The self-portraits aim to portray my most inner emotions found when one really looks inside and starts to accept themselves.

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